Interchange – Spring 2008

FMM began a new time of holding monthly Meetings for Worship for the conduct of business at the rise of regular Sunday worship rather than just prior. The preliminary feedback from those in attendance was positive. This arrangement will be reviewed in the business session to be held on March 30, 2008.

In seeking ways to include our young people in the life of the Meeting beyond First Day School (FDS), Meeting has begun including a report from representatives from FDS in the business sessions. This fall, service projects were encouraged as a major part of FDS. Special speakers about Native Americans and a field trip to the Museum of the American Indian, Washington, DC, helped to increase awareness of this special part of the American heritage where there are still native people with the need for warm clothing and educational materials. In an ongoing FDS /Meeting service project, goods have been collected and sent to people living in the Torreon/Star Lake Community near Cuba, New Mexico, and the Ramah Navajo Chapter, NM.

Ministry and Counsel Committee has discussed the general topic of “where do we go from here?” on the sex offender/prison ministry issue. An ad hoc committee was appointed to look at the whole issue of sex offender/prison ministry. The Ad Hoc Prison Ministry Oversight Committee presented and received approval of proposed policies and procedures for the establishment of a Prison Ministry Committee on 1-27-08. The Committee will next pursue issues regarding the presence of known sex offenders in our Meeting and also post-prison ministry for those in transition from prison to community. Meeting appreciates the way this committee is proceeding, in a careful step by step discernment process.

In October, Ministry and Counsel Committee held a worship sharing session on Trust. And in November, a discussion on “Picking up the Pieces,” helping to deal with trauma and the spiritual connection. Both of these sessions were well received. In 2008, a workshop/discussion is planned on “Living in the Body/Sensing the Spirit.”

Last year, those who attended the women’s retreat brought back the idea of holding a games night once a month, which was implemented and has been enjoyed as an ongoing intergenerational event on the second Saturday of the month. This year, the women who attended were so inspired that they volunteered as Frederick Meeting members to coordinate planning for next year’s Retreat.

A process is underway for Meeting to address the request from BYM annual sessions last summer for input by April 1, 2008, regarding the FUM/BYM relationship. The plan is to have something to forward to BYM.

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