Interchange – Winter 2010

All Meetings for Worship and for Business have been held in good order. In the fourth quarter of 2009, we joyfully welcomed long-time attender Karen White as a member.

The Ministry and Counsel Committee is focusing on the spiritual state of our Meeting and we seek Meeting-wide participation to nourish our worship community. We have sent out a query in this regard to all committees, book groups and social gatherings in the hope that all will reflect on the nature of spiritual commitment (see below).

While we do not yet have a Clerk of Meeting, needs are being addressed. Ministry and Counsel arranges for Friends to sit on the facing bench, a Correspondence Clerk is responsible for writing as necessary, and Interim Clerks are rotating at Meetings for Business. Nominating Committee has held several sessions devoted to topics related to clerking responsibilities and procedures. The Stewardship and Finance Committee continues to bring forth options to deal with a tighter budget and growing needs. We currently are seeking to determine whether we can continue with deficit budgeting and remain fiscally responsible. Our fundraising continued with a fall yard sale and pre-Christmas fair.

The ad hoc Committee for the participation of sex offenders conducted Meeting-wide threshing sessions and has made three recommendations. One of these has been approved at this point: a Friend who has completed parole has been limited to attending mid-week worship and is accompanied by another worshiper. We are grateful to have moved forward and hope to continue to work toward peace and reconciliation of various viewpoints.

Our focus now is this: When Friends gather together in worship, the quality of silence nourishes, refreshes and heals the Spirit. How can we commit ourselves as individuals to deepen our shared experience?

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