Interchange – Fall 2010

All Meetings for Worship and for Business in the Second Quarter of 2010 have been held in good order. We are currently working to strengthen our existing community while simultaneously integrating newcomers, and we hope to reconcile attending to the details of business while enriching the spiritual dimension we bring to the business process.

Peace and Social Concerns has sponsored several projects in the past year. The focus has been on the interconnectedness of peace, justice, the environment and energy.

The Ad Hoc Committee for the Participation of Sex Offenders reports that our Friend, who has now finished his parole, frequently attends our Wednesday evening worship. We encourage all interested Friends to attend these Meetings

The Stewardship and Finance Committee submitted the First Quarter Financial Report. Our budget is more balanced due to setting some spending limits, and the committee finds it encouraging that increasing numbers of Friends contribute regularly through automatic bank drafts.

The Program Committee organized a fun and well-attended Annual Meeting Retreat held at Catoctin Camp in May.

Author Larry Ingles visited Frederick Friends in June. All who listened to his talk on Quaker history enjoyed learning about Friends in the past, and enthusiastic discussion followed.

Shepherdstown Allowed Meeting (under the care of Frederick Monthly Meeting) continues to thrive and grow in the spirit. Shepherdstown Friends find that they are often crowded and are exploring the availability of suitable larger space for First Day Meetings. Shepherdstown Friends are also discerning whether they should transition from an allowed to a preparatory meeting.

Our Meeting is pleased that the Nominating Committee has proposed that Helen Tasker be our Clerk of Meeting. Working together without a Clerk has enhanced our cooperative spirit, but we look forward to seeing Helen on our facing bench.

Our current focus is: How can we best serve the children in our Meeting and build a fruitful First Day School program for them.

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